Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is scheduled for 2019! You can read about it here.

Lessons With Barb Tracy

Series of 4

Individual lesson

Travel lesson
$180 / 4 + gas

Horse Evaluation Lesson

Lessons do not have a set time limit however private lesson typically run half an hour, groups run an hour.
We also encourage students to assist in the tacking up and un-tacking process.

LESSONS WITH Student Instructor

Series of 5


We are currently have no stalls available for boarding

Full board $350 / month. Includes 11 × 11 stall, daily stall cleaning, large tack locker, twice daily feeding, daily group or individual turnout, blanket checks and daily overall health check. We will fly spray before turnout if spray is provided. 

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a barn tour.


Full Lease

$350 / month for barefoot horse
$400 / month for shod horse

Leaser will have full use of the horse. Lessons are not included, minimum 2 lessons / month. Farrier care and supplements included. 

4H Lease

$525/ month 

Required June, July to show at Madison Co. fair and state fair. Leaser will have full use of the horse. Farrier care, supplements and lessons included. 4H rule, only Leaser can ride fair project 30 days prior to fair.

Half Lease

$175/ month for barefoot horse
$190 / month for shod horse

Required for showing. Lessons not included; minimum of 2 lessons / month. Farrier care and supplements included. 


Coaching at Show
$60 / day

Horse Show Prep
$100 / day (braiding not included)

$60 roundtrip


Other Services

Full $300 / month
half $150 / month

Seller Fee
10% of purchase price

Horse Finders Fee
10% of purchase price