Things you need around a horse farm - Hammers

Once constant source of amusement and/or horror for me is all the fine people I meet who, upon discovering I live on a horse farm, say something to the extent of "Oh, I would love to buy a place where we could have a couple of horses."  I usually answer politely, the specifics of my answer largely driven by how much experience they have with horses. The more experienced folks I will point out that it's quite a bit of work, with not as much riding as they would probably prefer.  There can be a great deal of value if you find a good barn to board your horse.

How to choose a horse barn that's right for you

There are so many barns out there to choose from. Ranging from large and vigorous programs to intimate and informal. Barns that focus on competition and barns that focus on fun.  How do you go about picking the barn that is right for you? In this article I will be discussing how to choose a barn.

Boarding Beware! Avoiding Horse Scams

Scams are on the rise; with the economy were it is and so many people needing money I am not surprised at all by this attempt. I feel that it is important to get the information out there so no one falls victim to these scams. All horse owners must educate themselves in order to avoid losing their hard earned money to people who clearly have no morals.

A new beginning

When we first moved to Ohio 8 years ago I built a pretty slick website. Back in the days before social media you website didn't need to have widgets and twitters, facebooks and instagrams, but the world is different now. The demands of everything else have simply overwhelmed me and I've accepted that while I could build a bigger, better website if I had all the hours I do not, in fact, have all the hours to do so.

So, we picked a commercial platform that the twitters and facebooks and instagrams built in, that will allow Barb to build and change content. I'm truly hoping that the blog comes alive again and have started moving over some of her more informative posts from the past.

So here's to new beginnings! I hope you all enjoy the new website!

- C